Live Bee Extraction

Honey Bees in Virginia are not registered as a protected species. However, it's NOT a good idea to exterminate them.  

Honey Bees are very good at what we know them for - storing honey.  I specialize in removing the honey, the comb, and following through with special processes to ensure you don't have that hive come back year after year.  If you leave the honey in the wall or ceiling, you risk causing extremely accelerated wood rot of even structural elements, toxic mold, additional pest issues, and at some point, a return of your problem with a new hive of bees.

I only specialize in Honey Bees. It takes a unique set of skills to understand construction and conservation methods to deal with the structure, as well as knowing the behavior and life cycle of the bees to do this job properly.

This is a dangerous, tedious, process. I do both the removal and replacement of drywall, trim, etc.  Usually all that's left when I leave is a little sanding and painting that can be completed by the homeowner.  

Jobs usually range from $800-1,200.  Most jobs are scheduled on weekends between Feb 1 - June 1.