Beekeeping and Bees

Inside the Hive


Click to watch a video tutorial of what goes on inside an observation hive.



Sometimes bees build hives in tough places to get to - like 40 feet up inside the wall of a store. Here we can create a 1-way exit, and a temporary home for them to move to.

Bees are opportunists


Any space about the size of 2-3 shoe boxes is big enough.  This is actually the hollow plaster capital from the house that Douglas Freeman owned in Richmond, VA, built in 1919.

Swarm Traps


You can do the bees and your neighbors a favor by hosting a swarm trap.  These are boxes hung in a tree at your home between mid-February to mid mid-May.  Just call me when the bees move in, and I relocate them after nightfall. In exchange, you get a free bottle of honey that year!